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soft foam for figures, hard cases for soft foam !


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KR Figure Case Core Tray Printouts

You can try the KR core trays for size before purchasing just by laying your figures, vehicles, bases and monsters on a full size print of each tray. Note that the KR trays are made from flexible high tensile foam which means that your figures can fit into a smaller compartment than you may think and so providing maximum protection as well as getting many more figures in a case than you would expect!

By clicking on the appropriate button you can download a pdf file to print a full size copy of the selected tray layout. Remember that because KR foam is soft and compliant you can have figures and vehicles and monsters which are larger (or taller) than the compartments as there is plenty of natural “give” in the trays. KR foam will deform around your models providing all round support and protection for them.

You can print and/or save these tray layouts to share with your friends and fellow gamers.

The trays come in 6 compartment depths (10mm, 23mm, 32mm, 51mm, 70mm, 110mm).

NOTE! - You must set your printer to print actual size when you print out (choose page scaling “none” on the print options). The reference scale at the top of the page is 50mm actual size - check this on your printout with a ruler!


Select from the list below for your printouts

As most people only have access to A4 size printers the sheets are laid out to fit on A4 paper. This means that the trays are shown as our half trays, and to plan for full size trays simply print them out twice and join them at the edge of the tray.

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