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KR Multicase showcases the Black Seas Trays

We've been happy to produce some exceptional trays for all manner of games, so today we are going to look over our Black Seas Trays!

The BS1 tray is one of our 1/3rd depth trays, and it can hold 4 Brigs and 2 Frigates, complete with masts, bowsprits and rigging! This means that we can store a total of 24 Brigs and 12 frigates in a standard KRM!

The BS2 tray is for the larger vessels, and can store two 1st Rates or 3rd Rates - or any of the named vessels like the L'Orient, the HMS Victory or the USS President - with compartments for 2 Gunboat squads! One of our half depth trays, we can store four of these in a standard case for 8 1st Rates or 3rd Rates and 8 Gunboat Squads!

And we have a custom set, the WLD-BS-A which has three BS1 and two BS2 trays, will hold 12 Brigs, 6 Frigates, 4 Gunboat Squadrons and 4 1st or 3rd rates, making it perfect for most collections! This set will fit in a KRM card case or any of our standard sized cases!

When you've got the best possible trays and cases for your collection of Black Seas, we recommend using our TraySelector page to put them together here.

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Navara Cases - the sister site to KR Cases !

You can see an additional range of great value figure cases and trays on the KR sister site, navaracases.com.

Choose from 3 sizes of solid card figure cases, and 4 sizes of transport bags. Simply choose to suit your army size. For ease we have prefilled cases with trays suitable for many armies.

Select from Navara Pre-Filled Cases or Navara Trays.

Classic GW size trays are available too in the same Navara grey foam in the Navara Gamesworkshop Trays section.

Naturally being part of KR means that you stll get same day shipping on orders placed before 2PM.

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