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The Joy of Six event is this weekend, and we wanted to make sure you guys were as excited as we are.

Held in Sheffield on July 14th, the JOS is an annual wargames show devoted to 6mm wargaming. It offers a refreshing change to any small scale gamer who wants to see the best that the scale can offer, and is an eye-opening experience for those who think that 6mm scale wargames are the poor relation of the tabletop gaming world.

You can check out their website here: http://www.joysofsix.co.uk/

We will be there represented by the Pit Gaming shop so if you want to collect any cases or try any of our products before you buy, be sure to preorder to pickup at the event.

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The Milton Keynes Comic con is a fun, family friendly event with traders and entertainment!

This years' MK Film & Comic Con is on Saturday 13th July at The Ridgeway Centre, Milton Keynes, MK12 5TH.

You can check out their Facebook page here and their website here: http://www.centralexhibitions.co.uk/mk-film-and-comic-con/

We will be there represented by the Pit Gaming shop so if you want to collect any cases or try any of our products before you buy, be sure to preorder to pickup at the event.

Navara - Cases and trays for tabletop gaming

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Stuck on what to choose? - email us your Army List !

For a quick and easy route to the best KR trays and cases simply email us your army list and we will get back to you within 24 hours with the perfect KR trays and case for your army.

On KR there are lots of ways to find the perfect trays for your figures. A simple search of the name of your figure is a great starting point. You can also search by name in KR TraySelector.

Another great place for information is to check out the KR TrayGuide for the army you model belongs to. On the KR TrayGuides page scroll down to the game system and then click on the army for your model. This feature displays a list of trays with pictures, each with a description of what models they will hold.

Navara Cases - the sister site to KR Cases !

You can see an additional range of great value figure cases and trays on the KR sister site, navaracases.com.

Choose from 3 sizes of solid card figure cases, and 4 sizes of transport bags. Simply choose to suit your army size. For ease we have prefilled cases with trays suitable for many armies.

Select from Navara Pre-Filled Cases or Navara Trays.

Classic GW size trays are available too in the same Navara grey foam in the Navara Gamesworkshop Trays section.

Naturally being part of KR means that you still get same day shipping on orders placed before 2PM.

Buy KR Figure Cases on EBAY, AMAZON and ETSY too !

If you have an Amazon account and prefer to buy there, click here to get to our Amazon Store. Or if you have an ebay account and prefer to buy there, then click here to get to our Ebay Store. We now have an ETSY store too which you can find here.

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